Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanks for your support President Barack Obama

Running a small business in this economy can be difficult. Any help we can get is greatly appreciated. Having President Barack Obama take an interest in small companies like mine makes me proud I voted for him. Being a republican I voted for a change. And voted for the democratic candidate Obama. Health care is a major concern of mine. My payments were way to high so I cut way back on coverage with a very high deductible. And since my recent hernia operation I am struggling to pay my 5000.00 deductible. That's what I get for lifting safes all day, oh well. I had to drop my oldest daughter off the health insurance plan, as I can no longer afford her coverage and still have enough to pay for my 2 young boys. I plan to start a health care savings account so I can get a tax credit. I strongly support Obamas health care reform and small-business tax credit idea.

I want to hire new employees but having the money to pay them is just not there and bank loans are easy to get it's paying them off that's hard. What this small business needs is more government sales. Like the 2 safes I sold to the department of homeland defense, the Abus padlocks we sold to the us air force and the key cabinets we sold to the social security office.

Thanks for your concern
Steven Gray